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Работающее зеркало Фонбет, представляющие собой копии основного официального ресурса с идентичным функционалом. Fonbet альтернативный доступ на сегодня   Личный кабинет Фонбет (зеркало его содержит те же настройки, что и основной сайт) разбит на несколько разделов.

Почему не стоит делать ставки на ФОНБЕТ? ФОНБЕТ — старейшая российская букмекерская компания, которая была основана в году. Свернуть. Отправить. 16 ноября, sstaavkii. Оценка. ★★★★★.

Почему не стоит делать ставки на ФОНБЕТ? | Бизнес заработок | Яндекс Дзен

0. Предлагаем качественные прогнозы на спорт, а так же выгодная раскрутка счета (увеличение вашего счета в вашей букмекерской конторе в два три раза) в букмекерских конторах, без каких либо предоплат!!!!! Наши контакты находятся вконтакте Вадим Ампелонский — Глава Роскомнадзора сообщил, что использование зеркал и других способов по обходу блокировки не противоречит законодательству РФ в.


  1. Will you PLEASE tell Alex to Slow Down when he his doing his run-down

  2. thanks for the all the help this season guys, the serie a is by far my favourite of the bunch

  3. Please Alex I need your perfect prediction this weak…. Which social network will I hook up with you.

  4. I feel bad i didnt go wth cagilari win.over d last match yestrday …..

    You guys are great!

  5. alex and flash and tancredl and
    serie A final game 😍😍😍
    great video good job thank you very much

    1. @SBR Sports Picks From now on when the WOLF !!! declares war on the bookies i am going with him

    Time to close the curtains on a profitable Serie A season by adding making more money.Bonus BEST OF THE BEST bets included. Be brave& manage your account wisely.Lets get it!!!

    1.Sampdoria=over 1.5 Team goals 2.Milan=Win 3.Lazio=Win 4.Juve-Roma=Btts over 2.5 goals
    5.Fiorentina=Over 1.5 Team goals 6.Verona=Draw No Bet 7.Lecce-Parma=BTTS 8.Bologna-Torino=Btts 9.Sassuolo-Udinese=Btts
    TOTAL ODDS: +12408(125.00)

    BEST OF BEST BETS SATURDAY GAMES(8/1): I believe these are likely to win with good odds.

    Best Straight Win: Lazio 1.26(2.26) Lazio is back to its pre-covid ways of winning. Their motivation to win and finish second in standing is superior to Napolis. Napoli is more concerned about moving their upcoming champions league game from Camp Nou due to fresh outbreak of the corona virus.

    Best Both Teams to Score over 2.5 goals: Brescia vs Sampdoria: Over 90% of Sampdoria games end over 2.5 goals. Brescia will go down to Serie B swinging.

    Best win Over 3.5 goals: Sampdoria odds+190(2.90)

    Best over 2.5 goals team goals: Sampdoria..+127

    BEST OF BEST SUNDAY(08/02): Sundays games will be tricky with so much on the line for these teams. BIG profits await in Parma and Verona games. Dare to bet against the bookies?
    BEST Over 1 Goals: A. Parma -120 B.Verona +105(2.05).This is absolutely a GIFT from the bookies.Parma score every single game. Verona will kill genoa on the counters.. Do the bookies believe that sorry a$$ Lecce and Genoa will now stop superior opponents from scoring because its a relegation bound game?Remember that one goal gets your money back. 2 goals, bookies kiss your a$$!!

    Best Both Teams To Score over 2.5 goals: Lecce vs Parma

    Best Both Teams To Score over 3.5 goals: Sassuolo vs Udinese

    Best Straight Win: None. Fiorentina odds are too low and Sassuolo is playing a tricky opponent

    Best Double Chance: Verona: +152(2.52) .

    Best Draw No Bet: Udinese =+150(2.50) Do not be fooled by Udinese lackluster performance against Lecce. They have proven their mettle since restart of being a live dog against superior opponents. Atalanta squeeked out a 3-2 victory with unbelievable heroics by luis muriel. Then they beat Juve 2-1 two weeks ago. Udinese strength is their forwards and midfielders have the disclipine to track back opposing wingers. Sassuolo strength lie in the wingers overlapping and playing one twos of Caputo. That is why they have struggle since ex-chelsea man Jeremie Boga season ending injury 5 games ago.


    1. @Nixon Neupane fiorentina..but bad odds. Closest to safest is the over/under parma to score over 1 team goals. Parma always score…then allow the other team to come from behind to win

    2. @King Edisonsmall stakes forentia win over 2.5 goals. Banker Double chance draw on Verona. Btts over 2 .5 goals lecce/parma & sassuolo/udinese. What are your picks?

  7. I had lost a parlay worth 600 dollars because both teams didnt score in the Sass/Genoa game and then with another parlay the value of my ticket dropped from 600 to 140 because I had Lazio at a — 2.0. I hit that ticket but I was mad watching that game seeing all the wasted chances immobile had and the shot that could have been an easy tap in but ended up being a bullet to the crossbar and out.

  8. Brescia vs Sampdoria
    • Milan vs Cagliari
    • Atalanta vs Inter
    • Juventus vs Roma
    • Napoli vs Lazio
    • SPAL vs Fiorentina
    • Bologna vs Torino
    • Genoa vs Verona
    • Lecce vs Parma
    • Sassuolo vs Udinese 41:18

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